History of the Clock House

exteriorOriginally, the Clock House was the home of Sir William Starling, Lord Mayor of London from 1669-1670. In 1736, following inheritances, marriages and sales, the Clock House became home to Baron d'Avernas le Gras, a Spanish nobleman and agent in Antwerp of King Charles II of Spain.

In 1757, the Clock House was acquired by Samuel Sharp for 3,000 pounds, this was the first medical connection for the Clock House. Samuel Sharp was a freeman of the Barber Surgeons Company, the predecessor organisation to the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He was also a surgeon at Guy's Hospital, London.

The next owner was Anthony Chamier, a friend of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who was under-secretary of state, 1775-1780.

In the early 1800′s the house was re-built by Sir James Alexander. In the 1920′s, the Clock House was used as the parish school for the Convent of the Sacred Heart.

During the remainder of the 20th century, the Clock House was used as offices by various organisations.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Clock House is now a specialist medical facility.

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